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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 22, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's monday, november 22nd. an this morning, security showdown. the tsa responds to the growing outrage of travelers with body searches. including the man who had to remove his search and the cancer survivor who said she was humilia humiliated. >> i was so embarrassed. >> tsa chief john pistole talks to us this morning. terror alert. a manhunt to track down two suicide bombers who could attack this week. plus more in the u.s. brian ross has latest. a "gma" exclusive.
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inside charlie sheen's hotel room for the first time, the woman in the room, capri anderson, breaks her silence. her story live. why she said she feared for her life. and media blitz from her new book to her daughter's ball room showdown. sarah palin seems to be everywhere. why republicans are saying enough is enough. good morning, everyone. hope had you a good weekend. great to have robin back. you're traveling this weekend. did you get the patdown? >> no patdown. i'm not looking forward to traveling again on wednesday. >> it's a tense time in airports right now.again on wednesday. new complaints this morning about two people saying tsa going inside their underwear. we want to find out if that's policy. we want to talk to the head of the tsa. and also the adult film
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actress who was there when dlaerl sheen allegedly trashed his new york hotel room. well, capri anderson is filing a lawsuit this morning, charging him with battery and assault. says he even threatened to hill per. she is live here this to tell her story. we begin with the latest on the efforts to prevent terror attacks at home and abroad. police are searching right now for two suicide bombers in europe. and the dome of the european parliament has been closed because of threats there. let's go to sharyn alfonsi live at the laguardia airport. >> reporter: good morning, george. the tsa was certainly hoping to have the kinks ironed out by the thanksgiving rush. but that doesn't look like that's going to happen. we're hearing from kid, cancer survivors, even senior citizens who said she were humiliated and even worse by the tsa. across the country, the stories are rolling in, thomas sawyer, a
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bladder cancer survivor said he was humiliated after a patdown broke his colonoscopy bag. >> i was so embarrassed. my underwear had been dropped to the floor. >> reporter: kathy, a longtime flight attendant and breast cancer survivor said the tsa made her take out her prosthetic breast. >> she put her full hand on my breast and said "what is this?" i said it's a prosthesis because i've had breast cancer. she goes, you'll need to show me that. >> reporter: and carolyn said she's never experienced screening this intrusive. >> the woman who checked me reached her hands inside my underwear and felt her way around. it was basically worse than
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going to the gynecologist. it was demeaning and inappropriate. >> reporter: and now this video of this father taking off his young son's shirt for a patdown. >> and travelers willing to discuss risks. they're willing to discuss tradeoffs. that's a discussion we need to have. >> reporter: this morning, the tsa is promising to make the patdowns minimally invasive as possible. >> what i've said to the tsa is you have to constantly refine and measure whether what we're doing is the only way to assure the american people safety. >> would you submit to one of these patdowns? >> not if i -- not if i could avoid it. no, i mean, who would? >> reporter: for their part, tsa officers say they've been screamed at, even punched for following policy. and this weekend, "saturday night live" took this shot. >> do you want to feel compact in certain special places?
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>> then why not go security at an airport. >> the tsa, it's our business to touch yours. >> and a lot of people are getting to airports and they're saying what's the big deal? they're not seeing any big changes. that's because about 80% of airports don't have these scanners so you're not having the scanner or the patdown. you might fly out of one airport, everything is normal like it used to be. but flying out of another that a whole other ball game. >> all right. here at home, there may be concern over overreaction to the terrorist threat. but in europe, a high-stakes manhunt going on at the moment. >> this is the tenth time in the u.s. and in europe where security officials are admitting they are scrambling to stop a suspected terror attack somewhere soon. with the airport patdowns in this country for the search of two saw side bombers believed to be at large now in germany.
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>> reporter: after first playing down the threat, officials in germany are now at full alert. in berlin, police were told to look for two suspected suicide bombers trained by al qaeda in pakistan. all weekend, german television provided a range of precise detail. at the same time over the weekend, al qaeda gloated over the disruptions being caused by its failed plot to blow up two cargo planes. in an online magazine called "inspire," al qaeda in yemen said, for an expenditure of just $4,200 it has forced the u.s. to spend hundred us of millions of dollars on extra security measures, including the intrusive patdown. >> al qaeda magazine was essentially correct that for a few hundred dollars on their part and very little effort, get this enorm miss reaction from us. that is the basis of asymmetrical guerilla warfare. a small effort on their part is
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a huge effort on our part. >> reporter: al qaeda operatives posted details of the partial bombs they had set. promising more to come. success they said is, quote, the spread of fear that would cause the west to invest billions of dollars in new security procedures." >> terrorists are always trying to drain the resources and the morale of the other side. and i think they are being very successful in draining our resources. >> u.s. law enforcement officials say the twisted ingenuity of the al qaeda bombmakers is a good part of the reason u.s. passengers are now getting patdowns. but they're using materials in bombs that cannot be detected by all the expensive screening machines currently in place. robin? >> brian, thank you. so much to talk about on the terrorism front. joining us now from washington is the administrator of the tsa, john pistole.
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mr. pistole, thank you very much for joining us. in addition to what brian ross is just reporting, are there any specific, credible recent threats that are causing what is believed to be invasive screening tactics? >> robin, we know the threats are real and we have seen the latest article coming out of al qaeda with the magazine describing the detail they went into in terms of concealing, disguising and shipping the two cargo packages out of yemen last month. >> i don't want to tell you how upset people are and some people saying that tsa agents are even going into their underwear as part of the screening process. is there any circumstance where that is warranted? >> no, no, there should never be a situation where that happens. >> so what happens, what kind of recourse do they have if they do the things that people are saying? >> again, the security officers are there to protect the traveling public.
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and there are specific operating protocols in which they're to follow. with the technology, walk through metal detectors, all of these different layers of security that we, there are specific standard operating protocols that they follow. >> administrator pistole, there's been a lot of back and forth on whether or not the tsa -- you're willing to adapt these recent policies. can you clear up for us, once and for all, this morning, are you willing to adapt? are you going to change it? >> yes, robin, the bottom line is, we're always adapting and adjusting our protocols in view of the intelligence. and in view of the latest information we have about hue the terrorists are trying to kill our people on airplanes. we're also very aware of all of the concerns that have been raised by the traveling public. members of congress, and others. and so, yes, we are constantly adapting. so what i am doing is going back and looking at, are there less
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invasive ways of doing the same type of screening. >> so you may change the patdown procedure? >> what i would say we are constantly evolving to address the latest threats of intelligence. and if that means that we need to adjust those procedures, then, of course, i'm open to that. >> on wednesday, there are some calling that they are going to opt for the pastdown to create chaos. and that's in protest. do you have enough tsa agents? are you prepared for that kind of scenario? >> well, we are fully staffed, obviously, for this entire week. we know over this 10 to 12-day travel period now for thanksgiving, so we're fully staffed. again to come back to the partnership that we hope for with the vast majority of people who want to simply get home. >> brian ross asked me this question before i was going to sit down and talk with you, sir. because of the congestion now and the screening areas because
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of people opting for the patdown and the confusion, and that is creating such congestion, that is a concern that the amount of people in that area, that there is no security, that could lead to something catastrophic? >> well, of course, we work very closely with the airport police in each airport. the key is how can we best affect the security when people get to the checkpoint. and if people choose to opt out of the technology because they're trying to slow down the process, then i feel bad for the people who are simply, again, wanting to get home for the holidays, that they will be delayed because of that. >> administrator john pistole, thank you very much. i know it's another one of those weeks for you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, robin. >> take care. had to go through security at the miami airport earlier last week, jfk last night, and it is just bedlam. >> it is. he did signal to you that they're going to be revising the
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policy. remember when they got under fire for policy on pilot, they did change them. >> juju at the morning news desk. good morning. we turn to 200 people on a delta flight. one of the plane's two engines shut down after taking off for moscow. the plane dumped fuel for more than an hour before landing again. passengers heard a loud bang. the pilot reported a possible bird strike but that hasn't been confirmed. two other delta flights reported engine problems over the weekend, including one in atlanta. stock markets worldwide are mostly higher after ireland accepted a bailout. the government will take tens of billions of dollars from the european youth to stabilize its banks. the euro is up against the dollar and there had been concern that ireland's debt crisis could spread derailing the economic recovery. hope is fading for the 29 men trapped in a coal mine in new zealand. three days after an explosion
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underground. crews are sending in a bomb disposal robot, but it may be too late. more than two dozen workers in china trapped in a coal mine there. this morning, crews brought each of the miners to the surface for safety. just in time for thanksgiving, gas prices have hit their highest level in six months. averages $2.87 per gallon. and it was all about bieber fever at the american music awards. usher admitted to crying after justin bieber beat him out for two awards but they were tears of pride because his protege signed on to his label a while back. at 16, he's the youngest ever to win that award. of course, one of the most crowd-pleasing performances of the evening is when the
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backstreet boys joined forces with new kids on the block on stage. look at that. a welcomed blast from the past. that's the news at 7:14. >> that's the definition of a win-win for justin bieber and usher. good morning, sam. good morning, robin, george, juju. everyone's happy that way. let's start with the ice storm that's across a big part of the northern area, particularly in minneapolis over the week end. that black ice situation, i know you're coming out of fall and summer, the roads look like they're going to be wet, chances are, this time of year, they're going to be a little icy. look at the numbers. there's going to be several rounds of the cooldown. by the way, chicago starting at 64 going to 67. and minneapolis, a big difference in that. and the pattern will be to shift cooler air. look at wednesday, 49 degrees.
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d.c. and philly at 48 degrees. there will be several pockets of cold air this week. good morning, maryland. after a beautiful weekend, it's all about drizzle and fog. real thick fog and advisories
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across to the eastern shore. turn warmer this afternoon with two-degree guaranteed high of 61. overnight we'll drop into the 40s. most of it warm and dry, 66. wednesday, 52. thanksgiving showers and 52. heavier rain on friday with falling temperatures into the weekend. thank you, sam. now, to the mother of all media blitzes. sarah palin will be front and center watching bristol on "dancing with the stars" tonight. that is just the beginning. her cross-country tour kicks off releasing her new book. and one report said she is looking for office space in iowa. >> you have to look for the sunday shows and stay up late for reality tv. her book stop makes it in two states after iowa. it may be an unconventional path to providence, but that is sarah
7:17 am
palin. >> reporter: it's sarah palin's world and we're all just watching it. this week, anyway, what, with the latest episode of "sarah palin's alaska" on the learning channel. and with "dancing with the stars," and with her new book "america with heart" hitting the stands tomorrow. >> this is a brilliant strategy of sarah palin. it keeps her in the news as a cultural phenomenon. >> reporter: her fans and the media are eating it up. others don't like the taste. listen to former first lady barbara bush on an interview airing on cnn. >> i thought she was beautiful. and i thought she was very happy in alaska. and i hope she'll stay there. >> reporter: listen to conservative george will on this week with palin on "dancing with the stars." >> it's stirring family values but it's not good training to be president. >> reporter: and "saturday night live" got in on the mix too, ribbing her for comparing
7:18 am
herself to shakespeare. >> there are a couple differences between shakespeare and sarah palin. >> reporter: dinging rebukes, maybe not. >> the fact that the established media don't like what sarah palin is doing, only works to her benefit because that plays very well with the republican base that's going to turn out in the 2012 primaries. >> of course, sarah palin loves twitter. her latest tweet, encouragement to bristol on "dancing with the stars." and photos, mark and no-drama-mama bristol keeping good perspective, dance studio, fun." >> if all of the twitter followers vote, bristol could be in good shape. this reminds me of back in 1995, colin powell went on a huge book tour, stoked the fires for a presidential run but then backed out. >> she's certainly out there. her book tour goes to many states including south carolina,
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iowa and many other important states, but not new hampshire which is a very important race. to say she's not running, too early to tell. >> john berman, thanks. the mystery woman who locked herself in the bathroom during that bizarre incident where charlie sheen allegedly trashed a new york hotel is breaking her silence this morning. we're going to talk to adult movie actress capri anderson in just a moment. but first, ashleigh banfield. >> reporter: on tv, charlie sheen's made millions off of his bad boy persona. >> i'm not going to lie about who i am or where i've been. >> reporter: but in real life, his recent incident and history with women may land him back in court. capri anderson was with sheen during the hotel meltdown. >> what happened with charlie sheen? >> reporter: new details about
7:20 am
what happened that night are coming out in a lawsuit. she's suing sheen for assault. the lawsuit details sheen's alleged behavior once they returned to his plaza hotel room and she resisted his advances. it says he, quote, grabbed walsh's neck with both hands then she alleges he, quote, picked up a large from the floor. fearing for her life, she said she locked herself in the bathroom. >> he is banging on the door, let me in, let me in. i'll kill you. >> reporter: when police arrived in the trashed room shown here on tmz photos, they found her still locked in the bathroom with a naked sheen amid debris and blood. she refused medical attention and never mentioned an assault.
7:21 am
in a statement with abc news, sheen's attorney said ms. capri never made any allegation of wrongful conduct. we will defend this lawsuit vigorously and will never pay her a dime. these allegations against mr. sheen are completely false." >> a guy has one bad night and everybody goes insane and panicked. you know, i'm not panicking. >> reporter: perhaps not panicking, but he may have to answer in court. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news. >> not panicking, and the rating for the show is as high as ever. that's the backstory. coming up, capri anderson joins us live right here in times square, what she says really happened that night. a "gma" exclusive. and a popular princess to be, after katie and william post they are way ahead of his dad.
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good morning, 7:2 on this monday. there's a dense fog advisory which you may not argue just looking outside the window, it's not actually, including around
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baltimore or annapolis, northern counties, the fog advisory for the eastern shore, crossing the bay bridge, down through eastern cambridge and salisbury, there are school delays there. peegee, montgomery county and around d.c. the fog advisory isn't prevalent around baltimore, we have fog and drizzle problems, a warm front will swing through, we should try to peek a little sun or brighten the sky. two-degree guaranteed high of 61. >> we still do have fog warnings at the bay bridge. we still work to see the fog hanging over the beltway as we look at 8-minute delays between bel air road as you approach the 83s the we have an accident on eastern avenue and 45th street, could be blocking some lanes. crash at druet hill drive. >> good morning to you. baltimore police are
7:28 am
investigating the shooting dye -- death of a maryland correctional officer. a man is under arrest under the murder of a man whose body was found in a box. 34-year-old marvin folencia. we'll see you at good morning maryland at 9:00. have a great day at 9:00.
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remember charlie sheen's wild night here in new york? it attracted a lot of attention. and soon after, capri anderson's website wrote, quote, there really is not much to say but i just want everyone to know i am fine. if you like my website, i would really like it if you became a member. there's a lower monthly price right now." now, is capri anderson changing her story? she's here for a "gma" interview with george. >> hello, i'm here with capri anderson and her attorney. the charges that you're about to file in court today are pretty
7:31 am
sensational, assault, false imprisonment, that he grabbed you around the neck. threw a lamp at you. threatened to kill you. that can't be what you expected when you thought were you going to dinner that night on october 25th. tell us how this all came about? >> it was absolutely not what i expected. the way it came about, i received a phone call from my agent offering me an appearance, an appearance, if you will, an invitation to a dinner. >> and how much was it, 3,500? >> yes, it was $3,500? >> yes. >> you said yes to that. just dinner. >> yes. >> and you went to danielle, the restaurant here in new york, what happened at the dinner? >> at dinner, dinner was very nice. i met multiple people throughout the evening. denise richards came. i spent most of my evening speaking with her. but it was an eventful evening.
7:32 am
>> you say in the complaint over the course of the evening, mr. sheen started to drink a lot. drink heavily. and his behavior became more and more -- louder? >> he definitely was growing more intense as the night grew. and went on. you know, it's hard to say being that it was my first time i met with him if that was his normal everyday behavior or not. i met >> using racial slurs? >> he seems like a. >> reporter: egotistical person. >> what was he saying? >> you know, i'm not even comfortable repeating some of the things that he said but they were that vulgar. >> but something that everybody recognizes as a racial slur? >> definitely. >> he continues to get up, go to the bathroom a couple times. at one time, you were meeting
7:33 am
with denise richards and she said, i'm just leaving. i didn't know that it was going to be an evening of floozis? >> she was definitely taken aback. i don't think she expected to be eating amongst all the guests. >> after she left, you all decided to go back to the hotel room with sheen? >> initially, we had plans to possibly attend a club or go out for further drinks. there was a large group of people. however, towards the end of the evening, rick asked me if i could simply please make sure -- >> a friend of charlie's? >> yes, a friend of charlie's. if i could please make sure that he gets up to his room and stays in there. because at this point, he was fairly intoxicated. >> and then you get up to the room with him, you say at some point with him, when you got back to the room, you heard him snorting something?
7:34 am
>> yes. >> what? >> i was sitting on the edge of the coffee table, and he was serving us both drinks. he snorted something. i looked over. i can't tell you exactly what that might have been. but there were many drugs. >> it was a white powdery substance. >> it was a white powdery substance. >> you stay in the room. at that point, he asked you for a massage. you start to give him a massage. he kisses you. all of that went on, correct? >> there was a little bit of romance, if you will. there was mild -- you know, in the moment, a lot happened but -- >> but you were okay being there? >> i was there willingly, initially. >> you say in the complaint, you took your dress off. it's still okay. what went wrong? >> when it became really uncomfortable when he put his hands around my neck.
7:35 am
but at that point, things began to rapidly kind of fall apart and get out of hand. that was when things started to go wrong and i felt i was no longer in a good situation and try my best to get out of there. >> did you resist? >> i started to resist. he got off of me. and i quickly as i could, i got up and tried to walk towards my dress, my purse and my cellular phone. he started throwing thing. >> he threw a lamp? >> he threw a lamp. that was the first thing he picked up. and he threw it across the room at me. it was just -- >> you also wrote he had a shiny object in his hand, was it a knife? >> when he started throwing things, i became very shocked,
7:36 am
scared, you know, i knew at that point the best thing to do would be to try and get myself into a safe place. i went for my cell phone, knowing that i couldn't really grab all of my things. and i as i looking at him taking my cell phone, i was also turning around, i was going to go into the bathroom. i saw him pick something up. i'm not sure if it was an envelope opener maybe, a knife. i wasn't at that point paying so much attention as much as i was trying to -- >> so you lock yourself in the bathroom, and you called your girlfriend? >> i called a friend of mine, yes. >> why not call the police? >> shocked. didn't know really what to do. >> as you noted, the attorney says that one of the reasons that this sort of got out of control you expected to be paid for sex. >> that was absolutely wrong. >> absolutely wrong. >> never discussed payment for sex with charlie sheen.
7:37 am
>> there's no truth to that whatsoever. >> one of the figures that was reported was $12,000? >> no i was offered $3,500 to attend a dinner party which i was never paid at the end of all of this. >> you still haven't been paid for that appearance. how did you expect to be paid for that, by the way? >> i figured my agent would take care of it. >> but if mr. sheen's attorney said you expected to be paid for sex, you say that's absolutely untrue? >> absolutely untrue. >> george, if that were true, that would make mr. sheen nothing but a john. >> but that would say something about your client also? >> but ms. anderson was invited to come to the -- she wasn't invited to the hotel. she was invited to dinner. >> you didn't call police from the bathroom. yet, police did get there after the hotel security guards came to the room as well. when the police came to you, as you said on your website, you
7:38 am
told them were you fine? >> in the moment, they were asking if i had any significant injuries? which i replied to i was fine. i was very shaken up in that moment. but the majority of what i told them was that i just wanted to go home. >> but according to your report now, he had his hands around your neck, he threw a large at you, he threatened to kill you. you didn't tell that to the police? >> i didn't speak to them much at all. i was shaken up. i was crying, i was embarrassed that i was in my underwear when i came in initially. the first cop wasn't very nice. i found him to be very condescending. the second officer handed me a rope. it was an awkward moment. i was just relieved at that point there was somebody else there and then i knew i could go home. >> now, we're about a month later and you're filing this complaint in civil court. if charlie sheen did this to you, why not go to the police
7:39 am
now? why not file a criminal complaint? >> george, ms. anderson, she's a victim of abuse at the hands of a very rich and powerful man. >> abuse, that's a crime? go to the police, file a criminal charge. >> thank you for bringing that up. one of the things that ms. anderson through this whole process and just the passage of time. she's going to the police today. she's filing a police report against mr. sheen today. >> a criminal report? >> she's going to the nypd and report the action. the process of coming here, speaking to you, the passage of time, hiring a lawyer, that's allowed her to be empowered. and now, the initial fear -- don't forget, this is a man who is hurling hard objects at her, a man who is wielding a sharp, metallic object in her direction, threatening to kill her. >> that is news that you're going to file a criminal complaint. if you are, i'm going to ask
7:40 am
that you stand by and come back in the next half to finish this? >> sure. hi, george. we're going to follow the fog in at least five states. visibility isn't bad there, but it's a mill more than a mile. we've had reports of visibility way less than a mile, south carolina, virginia and all the way into delaware today. that will be around at least with the sunshine heating up today. there will be plenty of sunshine. dallas, at 78, new orleans, 77. the south is holding ton great temperatures even though the north is picking up cold air. seattle's at 32 this morning. some of that cold air will break away. chicagoland is out of it. there are cold temperatures and that will move out of chicago and towards the northeast by the end of the week. it really makes a difference after thanksgiving day wha
7:41 am
>> all of that weather was brought toy by chase freedom. george. >> sam, thank. more with capri anderson coming up. next, kate and william, new details on the royal engagement. you go to the shops... i'll meet you at the gate. thanks. please remove all metal objects out of your pockets. with chase freedom you can get a total of 5% cash back. fun money from freedom. that's 5% cash back in quarterly categories and an unlimited 1% cash back everywhere else. and this too. does your card do this? i'm going to need a supervisor over here at gate 4. sign up for this quarter's bonus today. chase what matters. go to
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back at 7:44. new polls in britain show huge approval for the new royal couple following the engagement
7:45 am
announcement. our jeffrey kofman is tracking the latest development and joins from us buckingham palace. good morning, jof from. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. it is looking more and more like we're going to see a spring wedding for the royal couple. the presumed date, thursday, april 28th. now, there's still some wrangling, some pressure to wait for july for better weather, but we should know sometime this week. we do not yet know exactly when or where the royal couple will get married, but it is increasingly clear that the british approve of the woman who could one day be their queen. kate middleton gets overwhelming support. a new world poll show two-thirds support william and kate becoming king and queen. impaired with just 19% who support william's dad, prince
7:46 am
charles, and camellia, the princess of cornwall. >> to me, that shows that he wanted and expects and intends there to be a queen camilla. >> reporter: meanwhile, the woman known simply as kate seems to be forced to make a change to her life as an international icon. kate is getting counselling to help her avoid depression and cope with isolation. and we just learned her soon to-be husband is back at work at search and rescue pilot just 48 hours after they announced their engagement, lifting a hiker off a mountain after he collapsed. and then watching a soccer match. now, kate and the prince are back in wales at their farmhouse with their air force colleagues. and, by the way, when he flies,
7:47 am
he is known as the pilot wales. >> and coming up, capri anderson made serious allegations against charlie sheen. more of our exclusive will continue. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is norma. who's inundated with all the information coming at her concerning the medicare part d changes this year. so she went to her walgreens pharmacist for guidance and a free personalized report that looks at her prescriptions
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and still ahead on "gma," we're going to have more of that exclusive interview with capri anderson. we just learned that she is going to file a criminal complaint here in new york against charlie sheen. saying he threatened to kill her, threw a lamp at her back in october. and then bristol, kyle, jennifer head to the finals. cameron mathison with the last-minute make or break "dancing with the stars.." >> he knows pressure. and emeril is here to show us how to spice up your side dishes for thanksgiving.
7:52 am
>> and that and -- ooh, what are you doing for thanksgiving? >> ali has already started cooking. >> at least you don't go to the airport. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan called the humana walmart-preferred prescription plan. it's a new plan that covers both brand and generic prescriptions and has the lowest-priced national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month and in-store copays as low as $2. when you could save over $450 a year, you can focus on the things that really matter. ♪ go to for details.
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7:56 am
good morning, 7:56. fog is a definite issue this morning. this is glen oak. watch the visibility reduce as we go through daylight here. fog getting thicker in the last half hour. as we check out the conditions, nima headquarters, reisterstown, visibility cut down to under a quarter mile. they're also at 48 with the fog. thicker to our south and west, the push of the boundary that's coming through the area, is actually dragging that with it.
7:57 am
advisories through 11:00, montgomery peegee county. eastern shore, we have our issue here even without an advisory around baltimore. it'll be a morning event. we should try to brighten the sky by lunch time this afternoon. we'll shoot for two-degree guaranteed high of 61. tonight down to 45 degrees. >> we have fog warnings in place. you can see fog hanging over the beltway. delays from the outer loop to liberty road. we have a slow ride, 95 southbound, white marsh boulevard. as we take a peek at the maps, accident involving a motorcycle, southbound on reisterstown road as you approach the beltway. police remain on the scene of an accident, 54th street and eastern avenue. crash on the baltimore national
7:58 am
pike, eastbound lanes as you approach engleside. howard county, we're working an accident, gilford road this morning. stay with us, we're sending you back to new york for more good morning america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ and what a morning we've got here. capri anderson is here this morning. of course, she weighs in the hotel room with charlie sheen last month. we just learned that he is going to file a criminal complaint in new york this morning, alleging that charlie sheen wrapped his arms around her neck, and threatened to kill her. we'll have more with capri anderson. his lawyer is denying all of this, suggesting that capri is trying to cash in. also, what a journey it's been for kyle, bristol and
8:01 am
jennifer who will be with "dancing with the stars," who will be the champion. their rehearsal for the big finale tonight. and cameron mathison has it. >> what a journey it's been for you you. we're getting all of these birthday tales. coming up tomorrow, tomorrow is the big day, you turn 50. one of the challenges that you face and the one that's coming up which could be the toughest yet. >> during the holiday, my friend, gave me a prebirthday bash. nothing that can be shared other than with you here. but with you, juju, later, call me. >> i will. we begin with an attempt to cool temperatures over the intrusive new screening procedures. the head of the tsa said the agency will adjust the patdowns to make them, quote, as minimally invasive as possible but no changes are expected before the holiday weekend. germany is on high alert as
8:02 am
officials hunt for two suspected suicide bombers. part of the parliament building has also shut down. al qaeda in yemen is gloating about the failed attempts to blow up cargo planes. saying it cost them only $4,200. and it cost the u.s. millions in security. a new list of the most dangerous cities in america is out. there's a change at the top. st. louis has the dubious distinction of being ranked number one. followed by camden, detroit, flint. in medical news, pulling cough and cold medicines for infants and toddlers off the shelf was a good move. many young children are still getting sick from cold medicines remaining in their family's medicine chest. and a medical investigation is the focus of tonight's "world news." diane sawyer is here. >> good morning, juju.
8:03 am
great to begin thanksgiving week with you. we expect action on a new drug that almost any teenager can buy. it's perfectly legal. potentially deadly. we're going to tell you more about it. and it's a "world news" investigation warning to parents. >> that's the news. hey, sam. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm well. happy monday. >> juju, there is a 10-foot tall young lady back there, her name is alex. she's twirling in the thanksgiving parade, right, can you yell? >> hi! >> it might get a little showery, can you do it when it's wet? can you twirl? >> maybe -- yeah. >> with your extreme height, you know it might be -- who's holding you? >> my mom. >> okay. tell her she can let you down now. i'm worried about it. let's get to the boards one or two things we want to talk about. we're going to start with the fog. a picture out of richmond this morning, on the twitter line.
8:04 am
incredible fog at least five states to the d.c. area, down to the carolinas. we're watching the cold air break through through the part of the country this week. there's at least three shots of it. chicagoland, you're warm today but you won't be by the end of the week. in that area, there's plenty >> and we'll have more weather from times square in the next half hour. george. >> thank you, sam. we're back with capri anderson.
8:05 am
thanks for coming back, along with her attorney keith davidson. thanks to both of you. you told us a lot of your story in the last half hour. charlie sheen hasn't said much about this at all. but he did give a short interview a couple weeks ago. take a look. >> what's going on with the missing watch? >> it's still missing. the way i look at it, if you have expensive tastes, you got to be prepared for expensive losses. it is what it is. a guy has one bad night, everybody goes insane and panics. i'm not panicking. >> what did you think when you saw that? >> i'm not surprised, i guess. it's kind of silly, being that there was never really any missing watch. >> so you never saw a watch, you don't know what that's about? >> as a matter of fact, i only heard about that based on the news report. >> but at the end of the evenings are somebody did go
8:06 am
through your purse, you know it had been slashed? >> no, as a matter of fact, my purse was not only ripped apart, and all of the items inside were thrown about the room and requested by police officers and handed back to me. >> george, this attack that was perpetrated by mr. sheen's publicity team is ludicrous. >> let me show you what the lawyers have said. they've denied that the night of the incident you said you were fine on the website. they go to say "we will defend this lawsuit vigorously and never pay her a dime. these allegations against mr. sheen are completely false and are a blatant attempt to cash in on his celebrity." did you try to get money from mr. sheen? >> no, as a matter of fact, mr. sheen had sent ms. anderson a text message, offering her for her silence.
8:07 am
>> he contacted you? >> yeah, he offered me money. >> how much? >> we're not going to get into that, george, but it was a substantial amount of money. >> so he texted you afterwards and you texted him back, what happened? >> it was very brief. i was upset and shocked by the fact that he even approached me anyway after that? >> what did he say? >> he said some things along the lines of apology, first and foremost. >> what did he apologize for? >> he apologized for his behavior and for the entire evening, i guess. the apology was very simple. it wasn't an apology, it was i'm sorry, i couldn't have asked to be accompanied anyone sweeter to impleme complement me. >> and you responded? >> my response was kind of in reference to my purse. and it was like, how could you possibly damage something. i guess i was trying to get
8:08 am
through to him like, do you realize how severe this all is? but i wasn't getting anywhere, nor did i care to at that point. >> so he offered you a sum of money and what did he expect in return? >> just not to talk to anybody about it and go about my business. >> and you said no? or what did you say? >> there was a response to that. >> i think the conversation ended right there. it was a brief message. >> so that conversation ended. are you saying now, since then, neither you, nor capri, or anyone else representing you have had any discussions with charlie sheen or anybody representing him about any kind of a financial settlement? you haven't had those conversations? >> i can't confirm or deny that. >> you're not denying that? >> even if they happened, they'd be confidential, and i wouldn't be able to discuss those types of things. >> so someone wouldn't be wrong to suggest that at least there
8:09 am
haven't been attempts or discussions by you to discuss a financial settlement? >> again, george, i can't comment on something like that. i can tell you what we are doing, ms. capri is going to the nypd, and she's filing a civil claim and a criminal claim. >> you're not denying that the you could be seeking or have sought a financial settlement? >> no, in fact, we're suing mr. sheen through court which is the only response she could have to her body and to her purse. >> they say they're never going to pay you a dime. >> we'll see. we'll see. it's very interesting. there are certain thinks that no one can deny what happened that evening. there's two people in that room. we know at that room was trashed. we know that ms. capri was chased and locked into a bathroom. we know that one person was
8:10 am
brought away from that hotel against their will and that was mr. sheen. and he was brought to a hospital for psychiatric investigation when found by the nypd. >> you're going to face cross-examination, that can be very, very tough. it can be tough on your family as well. >> this whole situation has been very tough, as well as on my family. i'm prepared to deal with it. >> your father is said to be heartbroken? >> yeah, he was. >> and you're willing to go through this all again have your credibility questioned? >> my credibility and my actions have all been questioned already. my name has been slandered. my family has been harassed. >> you know, i'm afraid we're out time. capri anderson, keith davidson, thank you very much. >> you can see more on "nightline." now, we're going to robin. we're going to switch gears. it's time for "dancing with the stars." tonight is the night. our own finalist cameron mathison knows exactly what
8:11 am
they're going through. he got a sneak peek. good morning, cam. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right, the three surviving couples tonight will perform two dances, the free style dance and the redemption dance. only "good morning america" was allowed into the ball room. very nerve-racking final rehearsals. all three admitted to me that they can't say with confidence that they're going to be the ones to take ohm the mirror ball trophy thursday night. ♪ >> first, second or third, we'll be smiling regardless. we've already won regardless. making it this far has been good. >> yeah. ♪ >> for me, i feel like i've already won. ♪ >> i think we have a fair shot at it. >> we have at least a one in three chance of winning. >> yeah. ♪ >> reporter: kyle massey and lacey schwimmer hope to redeem
8:12 am
themselves with the foxtrot. judges say they didn't perform weeks ago, so tonight, their redemption. but jennifer grey and derek hough, the paso doble. remember when bristol palin and mark ballas danced the jive wearing gorilla suits? well, they hope to redeem themselves without the suits. but continuing controversy over bristol's survival and whether viewer vote from her mom's political supporters are a big reason. >> i don't really let the criticism or anything get to me. but it is a little bit of a sting because we do deserve to be here. ♪ so critical get me out of here ♪ >> it's been a pretty outrageous week. a man shot his television set. there was an envelope sent to the studio addressed to you with this mysterious white powder that turned out to be harmless. you made the cover of the "l.a.
8:13 am
times." is this surprising to you, all of this because of a dance season? >> whenever we have people on the show like nicole, kristi yamaguchi, people are surprised. and they say, we want to see people with zero dancing experience. you're getting someone with zero dancing experience. either way you look at it you can't win. >> reporter: it's a percentage of the judges' total votes but that's just half the ranking. the other half is the percentage of viewer votes for each couple. add up each percentage and that's the couple's final rank. >> the bottom line is more viewers will be voting for bristol. but in past seasons, celebrities who haven't been that strong as dancers have made it to the finals based on fan base, personality, all of those things. so, if you were to take the political component out of it, which i know is difficult, then
8:14 am
you'd see parallels with other seasons that people are just aligned to right now i think. >> reporter: people talk about bristol's support over her mom. but your mom has got her own campaign, right? >> both of our moms, really. >> yeah, both of our moms. her mom has -- >> reporter: we definitely need to hear this. >> her mom makes cookies -- her mom makes cookies and -- >> no, they're magic cook kisie. >> that he make everyone vote. >> reporter: the couples are well aware, they'll try to stop reading internet bloggers and supporters. >> no i don't want to go. i want to live in my own fantasy world. >> reporter: good luck, you guys. >> i can walk. >> i asked the surviving couples did they have any survivor's
8:15 am
guilt for still being there. a lot of very good dancers have been sent home already. they all said no, they feel like they deserve to be there in the finals. of course, they miss their fellow competitors but they deserve to be there. after tonight's "dancing with the stars," the live premiere of "skating with the stars" is tonight, including my co-star from "all my children," rebecca is skating. jonny moseley, shaung young, vince neal. >> i like survivor's guilt. you tried to go there. hey, i don't blame them. hey, they're there. go for it. let's see what happens. >> they did. they worked very, very hard. >> as did you, cam, when you were there. the final "dancing with the stars" tonight here on abc 8:00, 7:00 central followed by what -- oh, that's right, the debut of
8:16 am
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8:20 am
do you know what time you were born? >> in the morning sometime. do you know what time you were born? >> i was born like 7:14. >> a.m., p.m.? >> a.m. >> wow. >> i didn't expect to go there but -- >> i have nothing to say. you know, but, no matter what the time, i am ready tomorrow to turn 50., but, no matter what and you don't stop playing games because you grow old. you grow old because you stop playing games. >> there you go. >> i have had some great challenges here at "gma." and i'm just getting started. >> reporter: "gma" has certainly taught me a thing or two about challenging myself in every area of life. >> ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! >> reporter: whether it's tackling a fear. >> oh, man. >> reporter: no matter how high or how tall, there are over 200
8:21 am
game reserves and national parks here in south africa. 17 lone in the joberg area. like this one here, on the outskirts of the city. keeping up with some of the best athletes in the world. yea! put those shoulders back. those pins are going down! >> reporter: and even those who may be a little less athletically inclined. this job has taught me to respect -- >> this is mortgage for the people. >> reporter: -- the unexpected. so now i'm all grown up, about to turn the big 5-0 tomorrow, and i decided to tackle my toughest challenge yet whoo! all right. i know i'm not ginger rogers. but i'm not giving up.
8:22 am
i have a secret weapon, who's going to teach me how to dance like a star. of course, i realize it's not going to be easy. on "dancing with the stars," we have seen time and again how the pros get frustrated. >> control your temper. >> that's not temper, trust me. >> i can feel it. if it feels bad to me, i can't work like this. i'm going to take a walk. >> reporter: emotionally and physically. >> stop trying to debate me. >> i'm not. it's your approach. >> reporter: i'm going to plunge in feet first with maks on "dancing with the stars." he is wonderful, wonderful. >> never lost his temperaturer? >> well, kind of. that was my fault. he's been busy. his brother, val, who is a dance instructor in new york has been working with me, too.
8:23 am
i don't know about that. every time we were out, we're dancing the cha-cha, out on the beach, i was right there learning. constantly, you have to practice all the time, juju, you know that. >> i'm well aware of that. >> wow. >> wow. >> what are you guys going to do? >> not with "dancing with the stars." >> you mean as i turn 40 next year? >> whatever. >> he's sticking to that story. >> i'm sticking to it. coming up, "good morning america's" countdown to thanksgiving is brought to you by previcid. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr, all day, all night. nothing works better.
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- tell yours with my open heart collection at kay jewelers. keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in. good morning, 8:27. issue of the morning is fog. doesn't look that bad in ellicot city. centennial lane elementary school. check out some of the visibility, this is a live image from manchester. they are socked in at 45. towson easing up a little bit. it may not be an issue outside your backyard, you may run into it. higher terrain to the north. 83, stretching the harford zoning. advisories around the d.c. area, eastern shore go through 11:00. bright spots, after the drizzle and fog. we go to our two-degree guaranteed high of 61. on the top side of the outer
8:28 am
loop, you'll find traffic stop and go between 95 to providence road. on the west side, traffic moving better in both directions liberty road. no major problems down towards i-70 and toward the southwest corner of the beltway. we have an incident on bel air road feeding onto the little river turnpike. also lingering police activity. accident in jessup. here's charlie with your morning news update. >> baltimore police are investigating the shooting death of a maryland correctional officer. a police spokesman says sharon jones was killed early yesterday. police believe a man was barricaded inside the home. when officers entered the house, no one was there. jones was shot once in her upper body. more news and weather coming up in 25 minutes. time to go back to new york for the latest on good morning america. we'll see you soon.
8:29 am
8:30 am
okay. ♪ early in the morning start of a new day ♪ >> you can make it. ♪ early in the morning start of a new day ♪ a little jamming with robin and india.arie. on stage here tomorrow live for robin's birthday. we're going to help celebrate your birthday tomorrow. some other surprise guests. >> that's one of my warmest memories. coming up our theme song "a beautiful day." it's always a special occasion, too, when joan lunden is here. host of this program for so many years. she's here to talk about what
8:31 am
more than 65 million americans face. that's being part of the sandwich generation. caring for your children, as well as an older parent. before we get to that, joanie, the warm hearts drive. >> at your local burlington coat factory. >> when you came back, charlie came back. did a cooking segment. >> i heard he was here. also this morning, the five ways you can be happier right now, even on the job. dan buettner is here. >> we're happy when emeril is here. spicing up the side dishes for this thursday's big meal. first, sam and all the weather. good morning, sam. mm, it smells so good down here, em. it smells so good. joan lunden how great is that? 1988, when i first worked with
8:32 am
joan and charlie, 1988, and filled in for spencer. forget that. i didn't say that. let's get to the boards. hey, there's cold air and this starts breaking down through the northern -- it looks like it starts northwest then swings across the country. so i know we've been settling into pleasantly warm temperatures for a good part of the new york states for this time of year, but we're about to change that. our friend in paul tells us that the windchill is about 8 degrees in bellingham, washington. that's a sign of cold air that's moving across the >> all that weather was brought
8:33 am
to you by kay jewelers. robin. >> let's see, you're 40 years old and you started in 1988 with joanie and all. so what were you, 2? >> just don't do the math. >> be careful giving out the numbers. she has covered 26 countries, four presidents, five olympics, two royal weddings, all from "good morning america." we are excited to have joan lunden back with us this morning. november is national caretaker's month. and joanie has a new series called "taking care with joan lunden." hi, i love it when you're here. >> i love it when i'm here. it's like old home week. every now and then, a project comes to you and you have to work on it. i'm taking care of my mom who's 91 who used to come here to the show all the time whenever she would get a chance. she would go out and meet us on
8:34 am
the road. >> look at gladys. >> there she is, yes. there she is with charlie. and now on our set. you know, i don't care how much you love your mom and dad, though, or your spouse who might be debilitated, disabled, have a chronic illness, that role of being responsible for someone else's care, it's a challenging role. and particularly for the 45 million americans across the country who are doing it in their homes on a daily basis. and when you look at the average caretaker today in this country, it's 48-year-old woman. she has children under the age of 18 at home. >> right. >> she has a full-time job, and she's caring for a loved one. now, that's enough to bring anyone to their knees. and then the economics that go along with this really bring a lot of families down. >> that just compounds an already very difficult situation. and you know of what you speak. your beloved brother was caring for your mother. >> yeah. >> and then he unexpectedly
8:35 am
passed away. was it diabetes? >> yeah. and i had taken care of the two financially for years but he was there on a day-to-day basis. look. i'm the person who interviews all these folks, all of a sudden, i found i hadn't asked the right questions. so i not only want to -- and we've brought a lot experts together with just an amazing amount of information on how to redesign your home to accommodate wheelchairs and bars, products to use in your home. caregiver burn out. but one of the thing wes talked about is how to have a family meeting. for everybody listening right now, if you haven't had this family meeting, it's the white elephant sitting in your living room. it will come. this time will come. >> thanksgiving is the perfect time. what questions should we ask, joan? >> first of all, now approach it like a business meeting. someone's got to be in charge. somebody take the bull by the tail, set up the meeting.
8:36 am
make an agenda like you would do at any business meeting. think about all the things. where is that person going to want to live? what are their wishes? how are they going to pay for it? do they have long-term health insurance. i asked my mom that question, she said yes. guess what, it was only for three years. the average is $3,000 a month. that's an average. i pay twice that much. more than twice that much. and nursing home care, we're all living longer and longer and longer. so this problem is going to be growing. they say by 2020 the number of family caregivers is going to double. it's truly the next big health crisis facing this country. >> and i'm glad you said, ask them their wishes. don't talk at them. talk with them. >> yeah. >> let them be -- they are a part of it. my mother is getting older. we've been down this road.
8:37 am
can we play a clip? >> sure. >> i let myself get so run down that i now have pneumonia, i think i was pushing too hard between work and the kids and dad and managing the house. and then i got sick. >> our marriage has not been helped by this, but i don't -- i don't see it as, you know, some tipping point either. i think this situation has had a more profound impact on my relationship with my children. >> this is real. >> oh, yes. and it's not just knowing what medications they need to be taking. and just helping them in and out of bed and a shower and a chair. there is a real toll taken on families emotionally. they're just exhausted. it's called caregiver burnout. but there are a tremendous amount of resources available. so we hope, and i've dedicated a
8:38 am
page on my website,, on taking care. we'll be on for the next four nights, 8:00 eastern time. i hope it encourages families to get together and talk. >> i know your mother's 91. you got your girls here. two sets of young twins at home. >> and mom is watching. >> isn't it wonderful, that they get to watch it in the morning? >> they're connected. >> hi, gladys. >> it's great to have you. >> great to see you and everybody here. >> and the premiere, "taking care" with that woman right there, 8:00 p.m. on retirement living tv. go to next, unlocking the secrets to being happier even
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
and we are happy to welcome back dan buettner today because he's our favorite happiness
8:42 am
guru. you might remember his last visit when he told us about the four happiest places on earth. he's back with his new book "thrive." on how we can be happier in the five areas of our life. you got a fun job. >> i get to travel around the world for national geographic and bring back the secrets. >> the bottom line is happiness is something written all of our control? >> well, yeah, about 55% of how happy we are is up to us. i think the idea of actually getting it, setting up your life for the long term. not short-term motivation speeches or pop psychology. >> let's go through the five areas where you can increase your happiness, starting with the workplace. >> it turns out the big determinant of whether or not you're happy at work is not money or your boss, it's if you have a best friend at work. it's important to cultivate relationships at work. the think that we hate on a day-to-day basis is commuting. the idea is you want to live close to your work or get a job where you can move your work
8:43 am
close to your loam. >> and the lesson carries over into the rest of our lives. this is a new figure to me. you say happiest people socialize at least seven hours a day? >> seven hours a day, every new friend that you add to your social network who is happy boost your happiness by 10%. i don't like to get too much into relationship advice, a study that followed 60,000 woman in girl mane for decades found that women who married men who are family-oriented as opposed to those who want to become a millionaire actually are happier. >> so all the lessons are like what your mama told you, put family over work. we all know deep in our hearts that money cannot buy you happiness. especially after a certain point. your recommendation is more specific on what to do with your money. >> yes, financial security actually has three times greater impact on your happiness than
8:44 am
consumption. paying down your mortgage, funding an i.r.a. >> peace of mind? >> peace of mind. that will last a long time. same thing for the holiday buying season. you want to buy your friends an experience, cooking class or a vacation. the newness from a new thing wears off in 9 to 14 months, whereas, a good memory will gain luster over time. >> memory is far more important. >> bigger happiness returns. >> one of the keys to happiness is where you live? >> yes, yes, it's the biggest variable in the happiness equation. and you want to look for a neighborhood that has sidewalks. to your point, seven hours of socializing a day. you want to be in a place where the social option is an easy option. so that's really important in the big picture. >> finally, you see, you look at what you can do in the home? >> again, "thrive" is about setting up your life for the long run.
8:45 am
buying or adopting a dog. just having a dog. >> we're still trying to housetrain daisy. >> that's about ten years. >> you also say create a pride shrine? >> yes, i actually developed this with a psychologist. the idea behind "thrive" you not only want to remember your happiness, but you want to experience it day to day. take an area in your house that gets the most traffic, and putting up pictures that reminds you. pictures of my kids, report cards. i was proud of this article. i got invited by the prince of england to come to dinner once. every time i walk by that just this little surge of joy. >> dan buettner, thank you very much. the book is called "thrive."
8:46 am
8:47 am
you know, americans may be
8:48 am
eating 45 million turkeys over thanksgiving. and you can't even begin to count america's side dishes. on this morning's "countdown to thanksgiving," emeril lagasse, master chef. emeril lagasse, everybody. >> thank you. i started rendering bacon here, robin, until you get it crispy. because it won't get crisp by adding the onion. >> right. >> what we're going to do is add the onion and celery. and then we're going to talk about stuffing. these are sides today. tomorrow, we'll be back to do desserts. 736 million pounds of turkey will be consumed this week. 88% of americans will have turkey sometime this week. >> with thanksgiving. >> nice bread. could be a white bread. whatever you like. what you want to do, the trick
8:49 am
is to soak it with milk. you want to soak it really good. this is the key to a good stuffing, is to really soaking it. >> how long should it soak? >> 10 or 15 minutes. while that's happening, we'll stir in -- >> that smells so good already. >> oh, yeah, you're talking bacon and onion and celery. >> you could make a meal off of that? >> absolutely. as this cooks a bit as this does here. i've really cooked those vegetables down. what we're going to do is take an assortment of mushrooms. because this is going to be a mushroom bread pudding. this is optional, this is marsala wine. you don't have to use that. >> anything else? >> chicken broth or port wine as well. what happens with the marsala
8:50 am
and this melt together. we're going to squeeze our bread that i have soaked. see how that i have that. now what we're going to do is take an egg, fresh herbs, a little thyme, you could use rosemary, this is margoram and the key here is to fold in that. take your oven-prepared dish. what we're going to do, we butter this and bake it in the oven. we top it with bread crumbs. >> how long do you bake it? >> bake it half an hour covered with foil. then take the foil off and bake it another half hour. this is what it looks like here, robin. >> wow. >> let me show you our sides. >> brussel sprouts.
8:51 am
really, really simple. tossed with olive oil, a little regul reggiano cleese. you might see the trees in the stores right now. this is the way the brussel sprouts grow. this here, this is a sunchoke. you just scrub them. they're firm. they taste a lot like an artichoke. you scrub them. they're in season right now. you slice them and wedge them. i have organic carrots and parsnips. that's baked in the oven. >> cranberry. >> right, you can't have a take complete without having cranberries. please are fresh cranberries, you cover them with a juice that you like. joan, come on in. >> come in, joan. >> this is all of my favorite friends at "gma."
8:52 am
>> you cover them. i use like the zest of two oranges. squeeze the juice in there. bring it to a simmer. it simmers for about ten minutes. let it cool, you've got simple, fresh -- fresh cranberry sauce. you can sweeten it as much as you like. >> you can make a meal off of these sides alone? >> i asked emeril if i could hearty up the stuffing. sausage, instead of bacon. >> yes, you can keep it veg if you want. just use the mushrooms. besides the winter squashes, brussel sprouts, sunchokes, carrots. you just roast them in the oven. you don't have to stress out with too many things on the stove. hey, simple sides right here. >> you're back tomorrow with -- >> tomorrow, we're going to do desserts. we're going to get people going ahead of time and do desserts. >> you have somebody's birthday
8:53 am
tomorrow. maybe a birthday cake. for old-time sake -- >> for these recipes and to submit your turkey 911 questions for sara moulton to answer on thanksgiving day, go to we'll be right back.
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8:56 am
that is thanksgiving night. but tomorrow, robin roberts here on "gma." >> whoo-hoo! >> all the surprise guests are going to be here. emeril is going to be back. birthday cake maybe? >> he knows all my favorites. >> oh, yeah.
8:57 am
fog still the issue this morning. easing up around here. we do not have an advisory around baltimore. glen oak, you can see the fog. really thick just before sunrise. starting to ease up with bright scotts in the sky. however, fog is an issue still on the eastern shore. there are school delays, queen ann's kent, caroline, we have that all the way down towards salisbury, ocean city. southern maryland, calvert, st. mary's peegee and montgomery county. we'll try to brighten, the sky, get rid of the morning drizzle, slip it back to the mid-40s overnight. warmer day tomorrow. partly sunny skies. late day showers possible. we'll shoot for about 66. let's get our final check on traffic now. here's kim. >> thanks, justin. you'll still find heavy volumes southbound on the jfx you make your way northern parkway towards the 41st street bridge. traffic moving better on the
8:58 am
west side. no delays on the inwe are loop or outer loop at liberty road. couple accidents around the area, bel air, crash still on the scene at bel air road near little gunpowder over the bridge right there. keep an eye out for that. still dealing with a crash, pikesville, reisterstown road southbound. howard county, you're still going to find activity lingering. vomerhousen road. no problems on 95. all clear between the beltways. bw parkway checking in without problems. stay with us, we have good morning maryland up next, coming back at #:00. -- 9:00.
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